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Make a deposit to our bank account: 
  • Account Name:  Africa Voices Trust
  • Name of Bank:   Nedbank
  • Account Type:   Corporate Saver
  • Account Number:  901 724 9952
  • Branch Code:  198765

  • Swift Code:  NEDSZAJJ
  • Client Number:  90172 49952
  • Client Name:  Africa Voices Trust

Nedbank Ltd
Nedbank Corporate Saver
135 Rivonia Road
South Africa



  • Public Benefit Organisation No. 93/00/40/084
  • Trust Number No. 1221/2012
  • The Africa Voices Trust is audited by Mazars, and the audit is managed by senior partner Larry Auret. 
  • All legal concerns of the Trust are handled by Richard Rosenthal.

Why Donate to the Africa Voices Trust?


The Africa Voices programmes make extensive use of professional recording studios and a team of expert facilitators and music professionals. Unfortunately, this makes it expensive to operate and, consequently, we are always looking for sponsors who want to help make a difference in the African music industry.

We aim to be able to run two or more programmes per year, extend our programmes to Gauteng in addition to our base in Cape Town, and to award bursaries to deserving participants in future.

There are four ways in which sponsors can assist us: 

  • Sponsor a programme (RZA 300,000.00 | $25,000.00 | £16,000.00)
  • Sponsor a participant (RZA 30,000.00 |$2,500.00 | £1,600.00)
  • Sponsor a product or service
  • Sponsor a past-participant bursary
  • Make a general donation

We invite you to help us raise the voices of Africa by lending us your financial support. Help us to continue to offer this unique opportunity to Africa's superbly talented musicians. 

As an Africa Voices Trust Investor, you will receive the following:

  • The name and logo of your organisation on our website as a patron.
  • A dedicated post to thank you for your donation on our social media channels.
  • The ability to use the music and / or visuals produced for organisational branding and / or advertising material, where possible. 
  • Live performances by our participants and graduates (subject to agreement of participants).
  • Should you sponsor an individual participant, you will receive regular updates and photos on their progress as well as be able to interact with them as their valued patron.  
  • All donations made directly to the Africa Voices Trust account by individuals or businesses that are tax registered in South Africa can be claimed as a qualifying deduction on your income tax return. We provide you with a Section 18(a) tax receipt.
  • Should you be seeking ways to increase your Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE) scoring in South Africa, by donating only 1% of your company profit after tax to the Africa Voices Trust, you will become eligible to score 5 additional BBBEE points in the Socio-Economic Development category.