shalom zamisa


"I appreciate above all else the artistic and creative relationships I was able to build during the programme. The Africa Voices Trust in my personal and professional life was important; it mattered. It was a shift in the most consequential way." 

Shalom Zamisa is a performer and poignant story teller. Although born and raised in Secunda, Mpumalanga he prides himself in being a ‘Joburger’. He trained in Classical Voice at the National School of Arts and went on to the University of the Witwatersrand to train in Jazz vocals. His ability to sing anything from Liszt to Luther Vandross makes him a dynamic performer and artist. He is passionate about this country and believes in the power of music and the strength of his generation to shoulder the future. He also carries a passion for social development and justice and is actively involved in on-going projects that seek to alleviate poverty, create employment and provide education and skills training.