“In life, standing on the edge of a cliff resembles many things. One's challenge is often feeling despair for the process that has ended - there is no more ground left to walk on. I was on the edge of my cliff - I did everything to better myself but the journey forward seemed far away and impossible. Enterting the Africa Voices Trust programme had me fall into a place where my life has changed in so many ways. I am able to jump, to be free and to continue towards the change I see. For I no longer dream - the dream has become real."

Wendy Joy Crowley started her academic journey in music in 2007. Throughout her training she has been selected to be the lead jazz vocalist for the Stellenbosch University Big Band, under the baton of Felicia Lesch.  She also had the opportunity to perform at the Grahamstown National Arts Festival with both national and international artists.

Her achievements in Opera gave her the opportunity to work with great leaders and artists such as Michelle Breedt in the Dido and Aeneas Concert, Collin Lee and Andrea Scholl.  She was selected to be a part of a performance of the  Mass in B Minor in both Cape Town and Germany. Her committed steps in pursuing a career in music has given her the opportunity to experience and grow as an individual and artist.