Alice Gillham (‘Shy’) was born in Cape Town, South Africa. A classically trained pianist and flautist (solo and orchestral) she has played and studied music since the age of four. As a classical musician she has performed widely. Alice is an award-winning academic and has a Bachelor of Music Degree specialising in Solo Classical Performance and Musicology, as well as a Masters Degree in Ethnomusicology (cum laude) from the University of Cape Town. She has won various academic awards including the Kirby Award for most distinguished Postgraduate work and she has consistently been a Deans Merit List Scholar.

Alice is an experienced composer, producer, pre-production development specialist, vocal producer, arranger, orchestrator, singer, lecturer and music consultant. She has worked with, produced and taught many South African artists and stars and has also had experience working with musicians, artists and composers in Australia, New York, London and Germany.

Alice has throughout her life been passionately involved in all aspects of music. She presented her own classical radio show for four years (Fine Music Radio), sang as the front woman for an indie-folk band "The Project", co-founded "Brightsky Music", a production company in Cape Town (2009) and she is currently focused on composing and working with her recording production team (Shy Music). As a composer, Alice is signed to EMI Music Publishing / Sony ATV. She founded the Africa Voices Trust in 2011.

Notoriously reticent, Alice has actively shunned all forms of the limelight and social media and is known to all in the Music Industry by her handle ‘Shy’. She has to date had an unusually wide ranging and successful career, as well as facilitating great success for others and she is respected and loved by those who work with her.

At the beginning of 2014 she stepped out of commercial production to focus primarily on Composition (Musical Theatre, Movie Scoring, Songs and larger Production Works) and the Recording Production that these projects require. Having achieved success in every genre from Classical to Rock to Jazz to African Traditional music, she brings all her considerable and wide-raging musical experience, education, skills, understanding and perspective to her work with the Africa Voices Trust.