“My experience on the Africa Voices Trust programme can not be compared to any other. The Trust allowed me to speak of my dream, taught me the reality of my dream (how to bring it to reality), how vast it is and how to confront the dream when it seemed to overwhelm. Along the workshops I quickly realised that being a leader through music is not about wealth or fame - yes, later one may have these things - but first one must lead ones own life, discipline ones own life. And only then one reaps the fruit of excellence. During the programme I learnt that music and being a performer goes beyond the calling, beyond the singing. Rather it is the awakening, awareness and resoration of one's spirit and soul in that moment the music reaches your ears. As the performer I must be awakened first. This experience for me was like coming home after being gone for a while. It was the thought process of knowing that our voices were giving life to what was on paper, and as a musician there is nothing more liberating." 

Music has been and still is a big part of Zion Zuke's life, and music is and always will be enough for her. Yet she only started taking music seriously when she joined her high school choir in 2005. Her choir master was the driving force of her success in her high school singing days, pushing her to become a soloist. 

In 2010 she majored in Opera at the South African College of Music (SACM) at the University of Cape Town. In the same year she was approached to work on a project by one of her peers, and as a result came into contact with Shy for the first time. Zion marks this meeting as a crucial contribution to her understanding of why music was a part of her and what it meant to her.

During her years at the SACM she performed as a chorus member for several operas such as "Rakes Progress" and "Tales of Hoffman" and was also a featured soloist in excerpts of "Idomeneo" and "Cenerentola," "Viva Verdi Opera Kaleidoscope" and "The Dialogues of the Carmelites." Zion graduated from the SACM in December 2014.