Why the Africa Voices Programme?

The motivation behind creating this non-profit trust was simple: Africa has talent. It has an abundant wealth of exciting musical talent that needs to be nurtured. Young African musicians and singers must take their place and add their voices to the global music industry. 

Unfortunately many of these talented individuals simply do not have the practical skills to take the next step in sharing their talents with a global audience. Although they are very accomplished musicians and singers, they lack the vital skills needed to turn their talents into an outcome or product that empowers them to have a financially sustainable and meaningful career – skills such as professional studio techniques, high-level stagecraft and an understanding of the local and global industry context.

In order to make their mark in music industry - one of the most competitive industries in the world - these artists must be equipped with know-how and experience in a studio and performance environment and have access to world-class music mentorship and facilities that will guide them to a point where they are ready to produce music that can compete with the best in the world. 

The Africa Voices Trust offers educational programmes that teach, through practical experience and high-level mentorship, the skills needed to succeed. During the programme, singers and musicians are given the opportunity to work on local and international live performance and recording projects. With the support of the entertainment industry, we strive to create a beneficial environment within which we can empower our participants. Our goal is to help young deserving musicians grow, master their chosen fields and become future leaders and mentors within their communities - using this invaluable wisdom, as well as a growing trust in their own abilities, to empower others.