The objective of the Corporate Choral Experience day is to enhance engagement and commitment across all levels of the organisation and to celebrate a fresh and powerful sense of belonging. 

The trust, communication and co-operation required between participants to be able to sing as part of a group is a highly transformative experience, encouraging stronger bonds to develop between individuals. The experience will support an individual sense of responsibility as well as build an understanding of how individuals and groups need one another to succeed. It engages participants to commit to their organisation as they all directly impact the end result.

The participants are left with a new sense of harmony and becomes an energised and strengthened unit. They also experience a sense of accomplishment and growth which allows them to step outside of their comfort zone and surprise themselves. These benefits are produced in a fully supported and relaxed environment, in which every participant is valued and respected. 

Method:- The day is a hard working but fun, fully facilitated experience during which participants explore what high engagement and commitment means to them and their teams in pairs and in groups.
- Participants are also encouraged to move across groups to create a wider sense of belonging to a greater community.
- Participants take part in developing their story and then learn to use their voices to bring it to life. 
- By mid-afternoon, they co-create a large choir of all the parts united together. (Organisations can record and video the experience and use it as an inspirational record of multiple functions, cultures and experiences combined in an exhilirating and memorable day of learning).
- The content is facilitated by 4 highly experienced learning facilitators plus a group of professional musicians and singers who are all young stars in South Africa and who will actively engage with the participants. 
- No previous singing experience is required. The songs performed are easily accessible and chosen to inspire the group to get involved. 

Duration and Venue:1 full day workshop held at a chosen venue of the client. (A large hall or auditorium plus three additional smaller rooms, is the ideal combination).

Audience:Supervisors, Team Leaders, Managers and their teams. (Can be used for all levels).

Numbers:The experience becomes most meaningful with a sufficiently large group resulting in the sense of awe and wonder a great choir produces. We recommend from 80 to 100 people at a time, but smaller groups can also be successfully accommodated. 

Costs:The cost per participant for the day will vary depending on the number of participants. All refreshments and venue costs will be for the client's own account. 

Bookings:We request that you advise us of your preferred dates as soon as possible as the number of events we can accommodate annually is limited. We will require at least 4 to 6 weeks notice in advance. 

Contact: Jessica Schnehage
Managing Director
Africa Voices Trust
+27 21 786 4451
+27 82 400 0640