About the Africa Voices Trust

The Africa Voices Trust, a non-profit organisation established in 2011, was founded by Composer, Producer Alice Gillham. 
The Trust is dedicated to empowering young, talented, African performers and leaders, and aims to provide them with the skills and experience they need to create financially sustainable and meaningful careers in the entertainment industry.


Our Story

While working in the industry both in South Africa and abroad, we identified this significant gap in the training of African vocalists and musicians.

The Programme

Africa has talent. It has an abundant wealth of exciting musical talent that needs to be nurtured. Young African musicians and singers must take their place and add their voices to the global music industry.

Legacy Work

Africa Voices graduates provide knowledge and inspiration to rural, underprivileged or previously disadvantaged communities - giving momentum and credence to the belief that dreams can come true through music.


We invite you to help us raise the voices of Africa by lending us your financial support. Help us to continue to offer this unique opportunity to Africa's superbly talented musicians.

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